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The next installment of the Fast and the Furious is traveling back to roots with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, and get this… Lil Weezy (you think he can act?) Michelle Rodriguez is supposedly in talks of appearing in the movie as well but nothing is confirmed. This movie is scheduled for 2009.

As for Wayne, he is also said to have a role in a New Orleans set basketball movie with Forrest Whitaker and Bow wow. The movie’s called the Patriots and is supposed to drop in November.

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Heres a sneak preview of July’s XXL cover which is said to revolve around Florida’s impact in the music game right now. It will also have articles on Lil Boosie, Busta Rhymes, FloRida and Lil Wayne. The Justice League seems to be doing big things but, Ross really needs to leave his shirt on, he’s out of order.


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Jay-Z finally did it. According to Jay-Z and Beyonce were said to have taken out a marriage license in Scarsdale New York on Tues. April 1st. The license is only good for 60 days, however. Who’s next, Flavor Flav? He’s got more going for him though. He’s said to be working on a $150 million deal with the concert promoter Live Nation. I guess thats how he got Beyonce off the market.

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Aaron McGruder turned the contentious Boondocks into an empire by pointing out what a lot of people are probably scared to say. But it looks like he may have met a fight with BET. Apparently The Boondocks season was cut two episodes short because thoes two “banned” episodes shot bombs at BET and its CEO and president Debrah Lee and Reggie Hudlin, or “Dr. Leevil” and “Wedgie Hudlin”, as named on the show. Their prime objective (in the episode) is to see to the destruction of black people which is enforced by all of its productions that seem to add to black stereotypes. It contains the guest voice appearances of Cee-Lo, Donald Faison and Tavis Smiley. I saw the episode and I’m not mad. It was funny and kinda on point… You judge for yourself:

You can see it at this website but I heard these “banned” episodes are being yanked quick.


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Rick Ross’s “Trilla” is doing big things in the music industry, if you haven’t heard.  With a little under 199,000 units sold, he beat out the veteran Snoop’s “Ego Trippin” and FatJoe’s “Elephant in the Room”, in one swoop.  He even managed to beat out the “Now thats what I call Music” empire’s latest installment by 20,000 copies.  Needless to say, he managed number one on Billboards top 200 chart.


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Woww, I always thought that people were joking when they said they were on certified sneaker games. I guess not. Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University is offering an accredited course named Sneakerology 101. It includes the sneaker culture in whole from 1970’s to now, including the impact of movements like hip-hop. The next class is scheduled for Spring 2009.


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Here’s an update on the Asus Eee (more specifically the Asus Eee PC 900 with 8.9 inch screen).  It comes with a 1 GB ram and a 1.3 megapixel camera.  It is scheduled to drop in Europe in April for 399 Euros (that’s $607 American dollars).  Here’s the youtube video.


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Miami’s own Flo-Rida is smashing the club scene with T-Pain and their single “Low”. He is currently tied with Kanye West and Beyonce for time spent on top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Kanye manged 10 weeks with Jamie Fox in 2005 with the anthem “Gold Digger” and Beyonce stuck to the chart for 10 weeks with “Irreplacable”. Check the pages above for his next club single “Elevator”.


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Doesn’t this take you back in the day? Alright, its a little before my time, but its still a classic. Puma is taking it back for the late 80’s babies with special lines inspired by two popular series. Above is the Yo! MTV Raps X first round. If you were born after 88, this was a hip hop show hosted by Dr. Dre’, Fab 5 Freddy and Ed Lover. This pair is supposed to drop in the late Spring.

The second is every bodies favorite The Fresh Prince. There are still reruns on T.V. They are still making money money off of this series! Puma’s jumping into this trend with the Fresh of Bell Air X West Philly First Round pack (inspired by the West Philly vibe in the opening scene) and then the Fresh Prince of Bell Air X Clyde pack (inspired by the blend of Bell Aire and West Philly). These are supposed to hit stores May 17th.

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